On the banks of the Narmada lies an ancient Hindu shrine, the Garudeshwar Datta Temple. Located just 4 km from the iconic Statue of Unity, this temple sees millions of devotees, especially during Shivaratri.

Mythology portrays Garudeshwar Datta as an incarnation of Lord Shiva who defeated the demon Jalandhara. The temple’s carved facades and sanctum with the deity’s imposing idol exemplify medieval architectural mastery.

A special draw is witnessing vibrant cultural festivities like music performances and religious discourses at the temple during special occasions. The atmosphere brims with devotion and spiritual energy.

Visitors can take a peaceful boat ride on the Narmada River near the temple. Surrounded by nature’s tranquility, the experience is soul-stirring. Make sure to visit the nearby Statue of Unity, easily accessible from Garudeshwar Datta Temple.

This holy shrine, steeped in tradition and antiquity, transports one to a different era. The divine vibrations filling devotees with peace make it a must-visit Kevadia attraction.

Experience the Magnificence of the Statue of Unity:

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