The Ekta Nursery at the Statue of Unity is a specialized botanical nursery dedicated to the cultivation and conservation of indigenous plant species. Let’s explore this incredible nursery and the impressive facilities it offers.

Located near the Statue of Unity monument in Gujarat, the nursery spans across expansive acres teeming with native flora.
The nursery propagates regional trees, flowers, shrubs, and medicinal plants with an aim to preserve local biodiversity.
The nursery features state-of-the-art greenhouses and cultivation infrastructure tailored specifically for native plants. Skilled horticulturists nurture the plant stock and monitor their health and development in a controlled environment.

As a research institute, the nursery engages in critical conservation efforts and educational outreach programs. Visitors can partake in guided tours, workshops and lectures that provide unique insights into the region’s ecological heritage.

Ekta Nursery utilizes eco-friendly techniques like organic farming, drip irrigation and waste recycling to minimize its environmental impact. The nursery aims to promote sustainability and environmental awareness through these measures.

The nursery has an extensive selection of indigenous plants for purchase by visitors. Patrons can buy native trees, flowers, herbs and gardening supplies to support conservation efforts.

The nursery helps enhance the landscape of the Statue of Unity grounds with ample green cover and regionally appropriate plants. Its expertise in indigenous flora beautifies the area in an eco-conscious way.

True to its name ‘Ekta’, meaning unity, the nursery brings together botany, conservation, sustainability and environmental education. Visitors stand to gain a greater appreciation for India’s ecological heritage through this fascinating nursery.